BonLife was launched in 2010 with a project steered to our future for a correct lifestyle marked by the physical wellbeing, the respect of nature, a greater empathy with the environment and a healthy light balanced nourishment.
We show concretely our love and our responsibility for the earth taking care of each single ingredient with the quality and the genuineness of our products and with all our packagings printed on ecological paper. We love our work and we do it with passion, the same that accompanies us to choose the best ingredients offering you every day a range of confectionery glutenfree products without allergenes, lactose and eggs, with few sugars and the addition of extra-virgin olive oil. A recipe studied on purpose for the one who has food intolerances or chooses to follow a light balanced diet.

BonLife. For a good genuine nourishment without compromises.


BonLife was launched after the tradition and the experience of the historic Italian confectionery firm Chocolate Farm. Bonlife is a line of glutenfree products for the one who has the need to eat in a healthy correct way, is vegan or simply for the one who takes care of his/her own health and loves to feel at his/her best without giving up the pleasure of a delicious moment full of energy, taste and wellbeing.

BonLife. For all those people who love taking life from its delicious side.


Today there is always a greater search for healthy products with more attention to ingredients, to nutritional values, to the preparation and to everything that, from a nutritional point of view, can influence positively on our health. During the last years a considerable increase of people with food intolerances and allergies including the coeliac disease (the intolerance to the food that contain gluten) has been registered. After this, the need to create a line of tasty, savoury, fragrant products for all those who must follow a particular diet or are vegan without giving up a unique and special taste in each moment of the day.

BonLife. To love oneself is the first rule to live better.


When we speak about healthy nourishment is essential to choose and to select the ingredients with care and in a rigorous way. We choose only ingredients coming from Italian recognized growers and many of our products are “from farm to fork” products. Once the ingredients are chosen, the processing begins. It follows the original recipes of the past in order to keep the authentic tastes giving in this way flavour, fragrance, desirability and lightness to our tempting pastries. Besides, the lack of milk and eggs and little contained fat and sugar contribute to make this product as the right one also for the one who wants to keep his/her figure and loves keeping fit.

BonLife. Better eat in a healthy way.